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Peyton Manning used to DJ on Colts’ team plane after wins

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New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

You know Peyton Manning, the all-time great quarterback. And you know Peyton Manning, the super-marketable pitch man on commercials. But do you know Peyton Manning, the DJ?

Apparantly he used to fill that role too. Speaking with 1070 the Fan’s JMV this afternoon, Manning told of how he used to DJ on the team airplane after games. Seriously.

“I could take the little ipod headphones,” Manning explained, “and I would tape it to the phone that the flight attendants used to page across the whole plane, you know, ‘please fasten your seatbelts’ as you’re getting ready to take off, right? And so I could tape it with the button down and play music from anybody’s iPod, and I used to mix it. I’d play hip-hop, I’d play country, I’d play oldies for all the coaches in the front, and I’d mix it up and I thought I was pretty good at it, you know, I had a good feel. Always after a win, never after a loss, but fortunately there was a lot of wins.

“But always clean songs and whatnot,” Manning continued, “so one time we’d beaten Pittsburgh, big win, I want to say its 2008. Big win, and [Jeff] Saturday’s all fired up. He comes back and says, ‘hey, I want to play some stuff.’ So he’s playing some Bon Jovi or whatnot, and then Raheem Brock says he wants to play some stuff, and so anyway, we had a couple of iPods going, we had a mix, and so Saturday’s playing some music and somewhere in there somebody had a song on there that maybe wasn’t the best of language. Most of the rap songs might have been edited; this one was not edited. So Saturday plays this song, and let’s just say it had a very strong intro right away, and some language coming out. And sure enough Tony Dungy gets up and walks down the aisle, and I’m telling you, me, Saturday, Raheem, we absolutely melted. We were about to cry, we could not apologize more, and it was not funny at the time but it goes back to, boy, you didn’t want to disappoint Tony Dungy. But I had to suspend myself by the SAA and the FCC, the airlines and the media outlets suspended me for a while, but it was really Saturday’s fault. I blame Saturday.”

So what kind of music did Manning play? And was he a good DJ?

“It was a mix,” Manning said. “It was a mix. And I mean, look, I’m sure if you asked [Dwight] Freeney and [Robert] Mathis they’re going to say I was terrible, and Reggie [Wayne] would say I was terrible, but if Mike Murphy in the front row liked my music, our linebackers coach, my gosh it was worth it. It was worth it. If I could get Murph smiling, it was worth it.”

That certainly would have been an awesome thing to behold: Peyton Manning, the Colts’ superstar quarterback, taping headphones to the phone to DJ for the airplane after wins, accommodating the tastes of everybody with the type of music. We can add another accomplishment to Manning’s already numerous list of them, as apparantly he filled the role of DJ too.