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NFL 2016 Week 2 Power Rankings - Colts Near Bottom of NFL

Find out where every team stacks up, as we use the Winning Stats to give us Power Rankings for the NFL.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things I've wanted to write more about, when it comes to the Winning Stats, is its Power Rankings . I ran a Playoff Odds column each week last year, but I want to expand it this year to include Power Rankings, as it's semi-related, and I think it can generate a good deal of discussion.

I've created pages with full tables for the Power Rankings, which I'll have updated by Tuesday evening each week. I'll only touch on a few of the items in a story, but you can bookmark those pages if you want to see the full data. They include both Strength of Schedule and Consistency (once we have more than 1 week).

Power Rankings for Week 2:

1) Seahawks (1-0) - Previous Week: 1

Despite a lackluster performance against the Dolphins at home, the Seahawks remain at #1 in our Power Rankings, as their Defense is on another level compared to the rest of the league. Their Offense is certainly being aided by a strong finish to 2015, so that appears to be how they'd drop from the top spot.

2) Steelers (1-0) - Previous Week: 6

Even without RB Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers moved the ball at will against the Redskins, jumping them up 4 spots to #2 overall.

3) Panthers (0-1) - Previous Week: 4

As you can see here, the Winning Stats don't necessarily care about wins and losses as much as how you play, and the Panthers played so well at the end of last season, and fairly well against the Broncos, that they jumped one spot.

4) Cardinals (0-1) - Previous Week: 2

Same goes for the Cardinals, who got bit by the "Bill Belichick with months to prepare" bug. Cardinals will be fine, and are still a very, very good team. They, like the Panthers, had a chance to win at the end, but just couldn't make a field goal late. Both teams "outplayed" their opponents in terms of the Winning Stats, but just didn't win. It happens, but these rankings can uncover some of that.

5) Jets (0-1) - Previous Week: 9

Three straight teams who lost last week but "outplayed" the team they played in a close game. It's hope somebody, anybody, can challenge the Patriots in the AFC East.

6) Texans (1-0) - Previous Week: 14

A big jump for the Texans, who now have the #1 Defense in the NFL (their Offense is 28th, so they are still very vulnerable). Not good news for the Colts.

7) Broncos (1-0) - Previous Week: 7

They won their Super Bowl re-match (again), and stay put right where they are at. Still some questions about Trevor Simian going forward, which we'll see up close this week.

8) Bengals (1-0) - Previous Week: 3

They beat the Jets, on the road, but it's more like escaped, and the Winning Stats don't let you hide from that. They'll be in a dog fight in-division, and it starts this week in Pittsburgh.

9) Patriots (1-0) - Previous Week: 8

We talked about this game with the Cardinals above, but if the Patriots can hover in the top 10 until they get their stars back, they'll be just fine.

10) Lions (1-0) - Previous Week: 13

Nobody wanted to believe me before last week, but if you think the Colts still can make the Playoffs and win the AFC South, you should believe this nice ranking for the Lions. Much like the Colts, they'll be dependent on their Offense to keep them afloat.

11) Packers (1-0) - Previous Week: 10

12) Chiefs (1-0) - Previous Week: 5

13) Ravens (1-0) - Previous Week: 19

14) Chargers (0-1) - Previous Week: 16

15) Bills (0-1) - Previous Week: 18

16) Vikings (1-0) - Previous Week: 11

17) 49ers (1-0) - Previous Week: 29

18) Raiders (1-0) - Previous Week: 12

19) Saints (0-1) - Previous Week: 22

20) Eagles (1-0) - Previous Week: 28

21) Buccaneers (1-0) - Previous Week: 23

22) Falcons (0-1) - Previous Week: 21

23) Cowboys (0-1) - Previous Week: 25

24) Giants (1-0) - Previous Week: 26

25) Jaguars (0-1) - Previous Week: 31

26) Bears (0-1) - Previous Week: 15

27) Browns (0-1) - Previous Week: 24

28) Redskins (0-1) - Previous Week: 20

29) Titans (0-1) - Previous Week: 32

30) Colts (0-1) - Previous Week: 27

It'll take 4 or 5 games to get rid of the stench of the 2015 Backup QB, so I expect, even if the Colts continue losing games, that they'll ascend from here. Well, unless the Defense continues playing like the worst in the league.

31) Rams (0-1) - Previous Week: 17

32) Dolphins (0-1) - Previous Week: 30