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Monday After Awards: Colts at Broncos

The Colts dropped to 0-2 for the third straight season. This week, it was another game which saw the Colts have a chance only for the game to slip away. As always, I have some awards, but they aren't all positive.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you pull the stats for the Colts game in Denver, you would think the Colts were blown away. That wasn't the case, as the Colts hung with the defending champions despite being statistically dominated. Nevertheless, the Colts lost again, placing them in an early hole in the AFC South.

Lets get to the awards.

MVP - Adam Vinatieri

This is kind of a cop out on my part. Adam Vinatieri was again his perfect self, hitting two long field goals and both of his extra points. Nothing is automatic in the NFL, but Vinatieri is as close as it gets. And why does Vinatieri get the award here? Well, after watching that game, who else really deserves this nod?

Tightrope Act Award - Frank Gore

Lets get this out of the way first. Gore did not have a good game. The offense did not have a good game. Gore did provide the highlight of the game (for the Colts). After taking a short pass from Andrew Luck, Gore absorbed a blow from a Broncos defender, managed to stay in bounds, and score. It was a clutch play that the Colts needed at the time.

Emerging Talent Award - Phillip Dorsett

I want to talk about Dorsett just for a minute. He had one catch this week, and was the intended receiver on the pick six play. But I really like what I've seen from him so far this season. You'll notice that almost all of the deep balls (this week and last) have gone Dorsett's way. Furthermore, he's caught most of them. I love the way Dorsett has gone up to get the ball, playing a much more physical style than I thought he would play. It will be even more interesting to see how the Colts use him if Moncrief misses time.

Butterfinger Award - Colts Receivers

I think I always hand out this award at some point. And it happened again yesterday as the Colts had a case of the drops. Without finding a stat on it, I remember drops by Jack Doyle, Robert Turbin, Dwayne Allen, and T.Y. Hilton at least. Gotta catch the ball.

Not THAT Bad Award - Offensive Line and Defense

I'm lumping these two together. And don't get me wrong, both units were bad, but not awful. Let's start with the offensive line. Yes, they struggled against what is probably the best pass rush they will face all season. Yes, Luck had TONS of pressure in his face, and was sacked what, four times? Still, late in the game, and even on some sacks, Luck had time to throw. The line still can't run block, but in the passing game, they weren't horrible yesterday, and far better than last year I think.

Now for the defense. If, going into the game, I told you the Colts would lose a few more corners to injury, but hold the Denver offense to a touchdown and three field goals, you would have taken it in a heartbeat. The unit still has major, major flaws. But as a whole, the defense played well enough for the Colts to win yesterday.

LVP - Injury Bug

Holy smokes. Who is even going to play corner for the Colts next week? Nothing summed up the Colts injury woes like the Darius Bulter interception. It's bad, and the Colts really need to get healthy. This week the bug worked its way over to the offense as well, as Moncrief left early with injury. Let's just hope no one else gets hurt, the team really can't afford it.