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Report: Keeping three quarterbacks a “serious consideration” for Colts

NFL: Preseason-Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Though it’s not as important as some other positions, the Indianapolis Colts have a decision to make at quarterback as they consider their final roster cuts.

The top of the depth chart is as easy as it gets: Andrew Luck is the starter, and he will be for years to come. But after Luck is Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris, who made the competition much tougher with good preseason play. Morris in particular was phenomenal in the preseason, forcing Chuck Pagano last night to be honest about the possibility of keeping three quarterbacks.

“Great question. With the way [Morris] has played, it’s a discussion that’s obviously worthy,” Pagano said. “He’s played extremely well and gotten so much better from OTAs to training camp. He’s been outstanding. He’s made a ton of improvement. Brian Schottenheimer has done a real good job with those guys. Stephen reported back to training camp with a different mindset and a kind of sense of urgency for him. He grew up a lot, and it has paid off.”

Pagano was honest that the Colts would consider it, but how much was he really meaning it? Apparantly quite a bit. According to WTHR’s Bob Kravitz, the Colts keeping three quarterbacks is a “serious consideration” right now.

That obviously would have more to do with Morris’s play this preseason than anything else. He has been good enough that the team certainly would love to keep him around, which is forcing them to consider their options. With that said, however, keeping a third quarterback might not be the wisest option with all of the positions that are plagued by injuries right now. On a team with zero quarterback controversy at the top, keeping a third player at the position is unnecessary and taking away from more pressing needs.

The fact that the Colts are even considering it, however, should tell us something very clearly: they were just as impressed with Morris this preseason as we were. I think they’ll need to make a choice between Morris and Tolzien, and if they like Morris enough that they’re considering keeping three quarterbacks, I think it’s at least possible that they could choose to keep him over Tolzien. Regardless, it sounds like the Colts are indeed having discussions about what to do at quarterback, and it also sounds like nothing is off the table yet.