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Colts announcer Bob Lamey drops F-bomb on-air at end of Colts vs. Chargers game

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Lamey is an Indiana announcing legend, as he’s in his thirtieth year of announcing Indianapolis Colts football. He is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve, something that endears himself to Colts fans and provides tremendous calls such as his “INTERCEPTED!” call of Marlin Jackson’s game-winning pick in the 2006 AFC Championship game.

It also means, however, that he’s often thinking exactly what fans are at certain points of the game, but here’s the problem: he can’t say those kinds of thoughts on the radio. On Sunday, however, he had a slip-up and dropped an F-bomb near the end of the Colts’ win over the San Diego Chargers. After the Colts recovered a Chargers fumble, Lamey said that the Colts would win 26-22, to which color commentator Jim Sorgi said, “the game’s over!” Lamey echoed that comment, saying, “The game is finally f***ing over.” He then went on announcing like normal as if nothing had happened.

Take a listen for yourself:

Lamey has had close calls before, such as his call of “he fumbled the freakin’ football” in 2006 in that game against the Patriots, and he also got into some trouble for some comments made about Peyton Manning in 2010, when he basically that the Colts should bench Peyton because the NFL had figured him out. The difference with that situation, however, was that he said it out of frustration during a commercial break and it wasn’t said on-air, but since he still had his microphone on the comments were later aired.

As I said, Lamey is as big of a Colts fan as anyone and he often echoes the sentiments of fans listening to the games. I’m sure many Colts fans agreed with what Lamey said at the end of the game about it finally being over, but Lamey did so on-air, which makes it a bigger deal. It’s unknown whether the Colts will take any action, but I don’t think they should and I think fans should give him a pass for the slip-up.

UPDATE: Bob Lamey has since offered a strong apology for the slip-up.