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Recapping Ryan Grigson’s comments on Colts Roundtable show, week three

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp

Every Monday night, 1070 the Fan airs Colts Roundtable, which gives fans the opportunity to hear from general manager Ryan Grigson and head coach Chuck Pagano.

We get to hear from Pagano several days a week, but we don’t often get to hear from Grigson outside of this program, so we’ll provide a recap of his comments each week. Most of the time, there’s nothing much that we learn, but it’s still worth noting.

After a win on Sunday, the talk was obviously much more positive as the Colts are now 1-2 after their 26-22 victory. Here’s a recap of what Grigson had to say tonight:

  • Grigson began by saying that the Colts haven’t been 0-3 and that they didn’t want to know what it was like. The game on Sunday was like a roller coaster, but Grigson said that there was “a lot of good.” Some of the injured players return and showed some life, and that leads to a lot to look forward team. Grigson was honest that the “complexion of this team is not there yet” and that the defense is still a work in progress, but that once the unit is up to speed they will continue to show even more growth.
  • As for Frank Gore, Grigson was impressed with what he saw. “It looked cleaner up front,” he said. “I thought that we had some good lanes for Frank to run. Frank was hitting the holes hard. I mean, he was decisive, played with a lot of energy, and just passion. He’s as passionate of a player as I’ve ever been around and he plays that way. I thought he had a heck of a game. So I thought that even though there were some musical chairs I thought that the offensive line showed some cohesion and did some good things out there. We of course can get better, but there were some promising things on both sides of the ball.”
  • Grigson also pointed out that the Colts are relying on rookies, mentioning that they had four in on their final drive (including Chester Rogers). He said that the rookies have to go out and produce and that they can’t just be bystanders, and they know that.
  • Grigson was also asked a couple of times about the trip to London, which is coming up this week. “I’d be lying if I said it was just going to be like going to Tennessee or something like that,” he said, but he also explained that the Colts have done as much scouting as they can in order to try to make the transition as smooth as possible. He said that a lot of teams have stayed at the place the Colts are staying at, while the Colts also feel good about where they’re practicing. Grigson has talked with other general managers and people around the NFL about playing in London, and he added that offensive line coach Joe Philbin has added a lot and brought a lot to the table as well with his suggestions on what to do or not to do, some suggestions he had, and what he would have done differently if he got to go again as a head coach. Grigson emphasized that this is a business trip for the Colts and that they won’t just be going to Big Ben or to eat fish and chips or to visit the pubs (as if it were a vacation) but that it is, instead, a business trip. So they have been working on dry runs and things like that with the airline and want to make sure that guys can lay down on the plane and try to limit jet lag - both for the game in London but also because they have to return to play a game the following week. And ultimately, Grigson said that when gametime rolls around it doesn’t matter where the team plays. Jim Irsay says that it doesn’t matter if they go play at a lot in Gary, they need to be prepared to beat the team that lines up across from them.
  • Grigson said that yesterday’s game “felt must-win to me.” He said that the 0-2 start makes them want it more and that they just needed to be able to finish games. On Sunday, they finally found a way to finish despite some of their errors.
  • Grigson thought that guys like T.Y. Hilton, Frank Gore, and Andrew Luck played well (he listed some of their stats from the game) and that he feels like the Colts are pretty strong at each position group from top to bottom on the offensive side of the football.
  • As for Frank Gore’s 100-yard drought, Grigson said that he wishes he’d get it soon and that Gore was on his way to doing so yesterday. He said that the more the offensive line comes along the easier it’s going to be for Gore to get room to run and that the Colts really like Gore, saying that Sunday’s game provided a good idea that his 100-yard game is coming. Grigson mentioned that Gore is almost like a scout, as he’s seen what makes people so successful, and he said that part of what makes Gore so good centers around how bad he wants it. Grigson said that Gore “wants to win so bad.” He brought up his touchdown catch against the Broncos, pointing out that “he’s a special guy and a special player.” Grigson also likes how Frank Gore challenges people, no matter how old or young they are.