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Frank Gore poised to pass Edgerrin James on NFL’s all-time rushing yards list this Sunday

San Diego Chargers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Just like Peyton Manning completely dominated the Colts record books when it came to passing, Edgerrin James completely dominated them when it came to rushing.

James ranks first in Colts franchise history with 9,226 rushing yards (3,739 more than anyone else), first in rushing attempts (2,188; 797 more than anyone else), first in rushing touchdowns with 64 (one more than the next closest player), first in yards per season (and holds four of the top five seasons), most seasons leading the team in rushing yards (six), most 100+ yard rushing games (49; 25 more than the next closest player, who has 24), most consecutive 100+ yard rushing games, most rushing yards as a rookie, and most rushing yards in a game (he holds the top two spots). He also ranks fourth overall in Colts franchise history in total touchdowns (with 75, behind only Marvin Harrison, Lenny Moore, and Reggie Wayne) and is actually seventh in career receptions too (with 356, the second-most for a Colts running back). Clearly, Edge completely owns the Colts record books, and it’s unlikely any running back will come close to breaking his franchise records anytime soon.

Frank Gore certainly won’t, as the 33-year old back has rushed for just 1,192 yards and seven touchdowns in 19 games with the team. But Gore almost certainly will pass James on the NFL’s all-time rushing list, and it probably will come this Sunday.

Gore has rushed for 12,225 yards in his 12-year career (mostly with the San Francisco 49ers), and he’s in a position to skyrocket up the NFL’s career rushing yards list. He already passed Franco Harris earlier this season for 13th on the NFL’s all-time list, and he’s within range of several more. In fact, he needs just 19 more yards to pass Marcus Allen for 12th place, and he’s just 22 yards away from passing Edgerrin James for 11th place. He’s also within reach of some other milestones, as he’s just 55 yards away from passing Marshall Faulk (another player who played with the Colts) for 10th place and just 88 yards away from passing Jim Brown for 9th place. So he’s within reach of jumping all the way up to 9th place in one game, but even if that doesn’t happen he should get it soon. And to top it off, he’s only 514 yards away from passing Tony Dorsett for 8th place.

Realistically, however, this Sunday he should be able to pass at least Edgerrin James on the NFL’s all-time rushing list (James had 12,246 yards), which would definitely be a bit of irony. Though James will go down as the best running back in Colts franchise history, Frank Gore could pass him on the NFL’s all-time list while playing for the Colts. That would be fitting.

It also goes to show just how close Gore is to pretty elite status. It definitely seems likely that he should be able to get into at least eighth place by the time he retires (if he finishes this season with 700+ yards he’ll have it), and if’s he’s got another 1,459 yards rushing left in him he could move into fifth place. If he’s got another 1,876 yards left in him, he’d move into fourth place. Those last two numbers may not be the most likely scenario given Gore’s age (33), but the point is that he’s beginning to enter elite territory.

The guy he’s about to pass for 11th place likely holds special interest for Colts fans, however, and considering he’s rushed for more than 22 yards in every game with Indianapolis, there’s no reason to think Frank Gore shouldn’t pass Edgerrin James on the NFL’s all-time rushing list this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars (who James rushed for more yards against than all but two opponents). That’s a certain bit of irony, and it’s certainly fitting.