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State of the AFC South: Week 1

Ben Lamers gets set to bring you, the readers, the first in another weekly fluff article (his specialty). Each week, we'll look at the AFC South as a whole. How are the teams doing, what will happen on Sunday, and an big news coming out of the four camps.

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Here we go for the first State of the AFC South. This is probably going to be the only time (I hope at least) that the division is technically in a four way tie, with all teams being 0-0.

We'll take a look in at all the AFC South teams to see what news there is on each, and where they are going to from here. Once the season starts, we'll take a look back on what the teams did the week prior. Oh and of course I'll predict each team's upcoming game, and I'll probably be wrong on most of those. But let's get to it.

Indianapolis Colts (0-0)

Looking Back: What an off-season it has been for the Colts. Holy smokes. For all teams, coming out of the pre-season healthy is really what counts. And the Colts did not excel in this area. It has been announced that both Jack Mewhort and Henry Anderson will not play Sunday, and it's doubtful that Vontae Davis or Darius Butler will either. The big scare and surprise came today when Andrew Luck showed up on the injury report with a shoulder injury. Cue the panic.

Looking Ahead: The Colts take on the Lions this week in Indianapolis to open the season. My confidence in this one has been waning as the pre-season moves onward. Mostly on the defensive side of the ball. Can the Colts stop...well anyone? Can they generate a pass rush? Can they stop the pass without Davis or Butler? We'll see. The Luck injury throws a much bigger wrench into the equation.

Prediction: Colts win...but barely.

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Houston Texans (0-0)

Looking Back: It's also been a whirlwind for the Texans. Mainly because they were the team this off-season to open the check book to a free agent QB in Brock Osweiler. Will he work out? Plenty of folks would say yes, but I'm not so sure. Overall, the Texans looked sharp in pre-season, not that it matters much once the real seasons starts. Still, if Osweiler continues his good play, the Texans could be scary.

Looking Ahead: The Texans will host the Bears this weekend in Houston. The biggest news out of the Texans camp is that all signs point to JJ Watt getting the nod to play on Sunday. Anyone who is anyone knows that this is HUGE for the Texans. The Texans are tabbed as a team on the rise, especially after winning the South last year, they should be able to roll over the Bears on opening weekend.

Prediction: Texans in an easy win

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Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0)

Looking Back: The pre-season was a mixed back for the Jaguars. At times they looked pretty good, at others (Week 3) they looked horrific. So...kind of like the Colts. I think the biggest question for the Jaguars is going to be how their young players respond to the NFL. A lot has been made about the exciting playmakers the Jaguars now have. But there isn't a whole lot of NFL experience in there. So we'll see.

Looking Ahead: The Jaguars easily have the toughest draw of the AFC South teams as they host the Green Bay Packers in Week 1. Having to start the season against Aaron Rodgers can't be too thrilling. The Packers have emerged from the pre-season healthy, and Jordy Nelson is a go for the team. It could be tough for the Jaguars to stop the Packers.

Prediction: Jaguars keep it closer than we might expect...but lose.

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Tennessee Titans (0-0)

Looking Back: The Titans surprised many in the first week of the pre-season with their ground and pound attack. The Titans have two formidable backs in DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry, but can that type of offense be sustained in the NFL? Then the Titans made more news by trading Dorial Green-Beckham to the Eagles. Marcus Mariota also appears healthy, which is big for the Titans entering the season.

Looking Ahead: The Titans will round out the AFC South vs NFC North opening weekend by taking on the Vikings. Obviously, this game is made much more interesting with the injury to Teddy Bridgewater last week. I have a feeling we'll see a ton of running and defense in this one. Expect it to be low scoring.

Prediction: This is really a toss up to me. My Vikings friends will hate me for this, but I'll take the Titans to win the opener.

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Well, that's it for the State of the AFC South. We'll see how opening weekend goes this Sunday, and I'm sure we'll have plenty more to talk about next week.