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Report: “No concern” about Andrew Luck’s status for Sunday’s game

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Earlier this afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts caused a bit of a stir by listing quarterback Andrew Luck as limited on their injury report for Wednesday. The reason given was a right shoulder injury, and immediately it raised eyebrows and caused some concern.

Rightly so, too: remember, Luck dealt with a right shoulder issue last year that caused him to miss two games. Because the injury report came out after Chuck Pagano met the media, there are no details immediately available on the situation, though the Indianapolis Star’s Stephen Holder offered a minor one.

According to Holder, there is “no concern” about Luck potentially missing this Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions.

That much was expected even after the appearance of Luck on the injury report, and it will be his first regular season action since suffering a lacerated kidney in week nine last year. The question is not about this week’s game, it’s about the long-term health of Luck. More likely than not, this issue is a minor one and is simply something like a sore shoulder. But it’s worth paying attention to in order to see if it’s something that lingers or not.

The news garnered attention primarily because of who it was: Andrew Luck, the star quarterback who was just given a $140 million extension this offseason. The Colts had to play without him for nine games last year, and things didn’t go too well as they did so. They made a renewed effort this offseason to protect him, working on improving the offensive line and on teaching him to protect himself more. He’s the franchise quarterback, and the team is counting on him to carry them. That’s why even a minor injury is worth paying attention when it’s Andrew Luck. Regardless, Andrew Luck will play on Sunday and will be the one leading the Colts’ offense. We’ll just have to wait and see whether it’s a minor issue or one that lingers, but there’s no cause for concern right now.