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Rob Chudzinski "absolutely" expects Andrew Luck to play Sunday

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck made a surprise appearance on the injury report, as he was limited in practice on Wednesday with a right shoulder injury.  That initially prompted some concern simply due to the fact that Luck is the franchise player and that he dealt with a shoulder injury last year, but reports began to emerge that it was simply precautionary in nature and that Luck is still expected to play on Sunday.

Though Chuck Pagano won't address the media again until Friday, offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski was asked about Luck's status today and he said that he "absolutely" expects Luck to play on Sunday.

Everything we've heard suggests that Andrew Luck will be playing Sunday, which is encouraging news.  The concern comes from the question of whether this will be a long-term issue and whether it will affect him for the rest of the season, but we don't seem to be getting answers on that front (maybe because people aren't asking).  Today's practice added more intrigue, as during the portion open to the media (which is only the individual drills at the beginning), Luck simply conducted handoffs while Scott Tolzien handled the throwing duties.

Will Carroll, a.k.a. "Injury Expert" on Twitter, mentioned this morning that Luck has "some labrum fraying" but that it's "not a major concern."  Carroll noted that it's connected to Luck's shoulder issue last year but that doctors didn't think it required surgery, as he said that it's not a major concern if it's asymptomatic even though the labrum fraying doesn't heal on it's own.

In short, I think we can definitely expect Andrew Luck to play this Sunday against the Detroit Lions, and that doesn't seem to be in question at this point either.  The bigger questions are whether this will impact his play and whether it will linger this year, and for that we don't have a ton of answers quite yet.