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Ryan Grigson denies report that Andrew Luck has labrum fraying, says limitation is part of plan

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Will Carroll reported that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has "some labrum fraying," though he did say that it's not a major concern.

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson has denied that report, as he appeared on the radio with 1070 the Fan's Dan Dakich today and was asked whether Luck has labrum fraying.

"No.  He's all good," Grigson said, according to  "I mean the guy's thrown a zillion balls.  The media's seen it.  [He was] in Anderson day in and day out throwing a ton of balls with a lot of velocity — even knocking some guys over.  I don't know.  I guess you could sit there and look for something that's not there, but I'm just saying he's going to be ready for the game this weekend, and we have a plan that we think's best for him, and one he feels good about, and that's what we're doing."

Grigson was also asked earlier in the interview why Luck was listed as limited on Wednesday.

"That's another thing where people don't have a league-wide perspective on how the league works a lot of times," Grigson said.  "I mean, it's no different from other quarterbacks in the league that say they're limited and they get rest just like Robert Mathis gets rest or other players.  You just want guys fresh going into the season, and he's in a new chapter, really, in this organization and on this team, and you just want the guy to be fresh for Sunday."

So the Colts' general manager is emphasizing that Luck is fine and that it's more just resting him, but they could have just denoted that he was limited due to "rest" like they do with Robert Mathis when he misses practice (which was Grigson's example).  Secondly, it's strange that the Colts would just now decide to put limitations on Luck if that's really because of their plan, as he's been throwing without any limitations all throughout camp.  Was it a plan that only goes into effect in the regular season?  There are still some things that don't add up, and considering the Colts' track record with Andrew Luck injuries (they went out of their way last year to deny and/or downplay the injuries), I'm sure that Ryan Grigson won't have convinced many fans simply by denying the report.

Once again, it doesn't sound like Andrew Luck will miss Sunday's game, but the Colts are being cautious with him.  It's all part of the plan, according to Ryan Grigson, as the team tries to keep him healthy all year.  That's certainly a good goal, but there's still a part of it that seems up in the air and confusing.  All of it seems to be precautionary in nature (regardless of whether there's actually an injury or whether it's just the plan), but the hope is just that it's not something that lingers all year or affects his play.  Grigson said it's just a part of the plan, so hopefully that's really all it is.