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Colts waive Tevin Mitchel from injured reserve with injury settlement

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts tonight waived cornerback Tevin Mitchel from injured reserve with an injury settlement, according to the Anderson Herald Bulletin’s George Bremer.

Last year, Mitchel was originally drafted in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins, but they waived-injured him during training camp. The Colts claimed him and carried him on their active roster in preseason even though they knew he would miss the season, eventually placing him on injured reserve. Then this year, he was playing very well in training camp before he once again dealt with injuries, which kept him out for most of the preseason. He was placed on IR as part of final cuts, but the team has now waived him with an injury settlement.

Here’s why this is important: the Colts can bring him back three weeks after his injury settlement is up. An injury settlement is basically the team and the player reaching an agreement on how long the injury should take to recover, and the team then agrees to pay the player for that length of time. Due to a recent rule change, a team can now re-sign a player three weeks after the injury settlement is up, and Chuck Pagano actually mentioned that change earlier this week when talking about potentially bringing some injured guys back. So a lot of it probably depends upon how the Colts’ current group of corners do, but keep Tevin Mitchel in the back of your mind as the clock has now started for how long the Colts have to wait before they can bring him back, if they want to.