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Jaguars make changes at the top, hiring Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

While the Indianapolis Colts are going to maybe, possibly, eventually do something this offseason regarding their management (or maybe not), the Jacksonville Jaguars have been hard at work making moves in their front office.

We mentioned yesterday that the Jaguars had hired Doug Marrone as their head coach, but they also hired Tom Coughlin as their executive vice president of football operations. Furthermore, the Jaguars extended the contract of general manager Dave Caldwell to run through 2019 just like Marrone and Coughlin.

Furthermore, the Jaguars have re-structured things as well. Both Caldwell and Marrone will report directly to Coughlin, and Coughlin will have the final say over the 53-man roster, reports’s Ryan O’Halloran. That means that Caldwell has lost some authority, though with Coughlin taking on this job for the first time it’s very likely that Caldwell will still have quite a bit of say and will still have a large role. He has a history with the Colts, as he worked for them for ten years from 1998-2007, while former Colts GM Chris Polian is the Jaguars’ current director of player personnel.

While the move to bring in Marrone is one that’s not too exciting for Jaguars fans - he’s 16-18 as an NFL head coach and was the interim head coach of the Jaguars for the final two games this year - Coughlin is a big name hire who should help provide some direction for the franchise. He spent a long time as an NFL head coach, as he coached for 20 seasons with the Jaguars (1995-2002) and the Giants (2004-2015). He was 170-150 in his career (.531), winning five division titles, making nine playoff appearances, and winning two Super Bowls. He had four winning seasons in eight years as the Jaguars head coach and made the playoffs four times as well, and he’s the winningest head coach in Jaguars history. So while he’s never served in the role as an executive vice president of football operations, he did get some experience in the NFL league office this past year, he was a good coach with the Jaguars, and he’s a big name hire that can help fans get excited about their team.

There’s likely plenty more change ahead for the Jaguars this offseason, but at least now they know who’s leading the charge, as they have a new executive vice president of football operations, a new head coach, and new guidelines for the working relationship of those in the front office. One thing that might not change, though, is the quarterback, as it sounds like Marrone’s belief in Blake Bortles helped him land the job.