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For Ryan Grigson, it’s apparently business as usual right now

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As of right now, things are normal for the Indianapolis Colts.

While Jim Irsay’s silence is still deafening and suspicious (meaning he very well could be looking to still make changes), the current regime is just conducting business as normal until they hear otherwise. That includes general manager Ryan Grigson, who’s already at work preparing for this offseason.

Last week, Grigson’s agent Buddy Baker did an interview with 1070 the Fan and talked about his client and how Grigson is in routine communication with Jim Irsay (h/t to ESPN for catching the interview).

“Yeah, I mean they’re in communication on a daily basis and everyone’s been asking, ‘what’s going on, when will we have an announcement?’” Baker said. “Look, Ryan has been speaking with Jim, but more importantly – and I’m not privy to those conversations, and if I was I wouldn’t disclose them – but I can tell you Ryan Grigson has been in his office doing what he’s done last year, doing what he did the year before: preparing for the draft, preparing for free agency, and doing his job.”

Baker went on to give a long defense of what his client has done with the Colts, arguing that the Colts actually aren’t that bad. We could point out what he said and point out the flaws in his reasoning, but honestly: he’s an agent defending his client. There’s nothing surprising about that.

It is worth pointing out, however, that Baker says that Grigson is just going about his business like normal. Which means, obviously, that he’s still in his job. Whether Jim Irsay has told him anything in terms of assurances about his job status is unclear, but for the time being Grigson is working away. Additionally, the Indianapolis Star’s Stephen Holder said last week that Grigson has been meeting with “quite a few” players, which is different than in years past. Holder said that in years past Grigson usually met with those players who had expiring contracts, but this year he’s been meeting with “many more.”

Grigson has been at work signing players to reserve/future contracts as well, as since the end of the regular season he’s signed ten players to deals - including CFL pass rusher Alex Bazzie. So while there’s still uncertainty with the team and will be until Jim Irsay speaks, we at least know that Ryan Grigson is still working away like usual.