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Ranking the Priority of Each Colts Free Agent

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts have an important offseason ahead of them, and it starts with their free agency class. Who are the Colts’ free agents and which ones are the top priorities to re-sign?

The list is based on:

  • Player’s importance on the team
  • His potential contract (value)
  • Free agent market (at that player’s position)
  • Draft class (at that player’s position)

1. Jack Doyle

Doyle has become a big part of the Colts’ offense. With a relatively modest contract on the way, he should be the #1 priority to re-sign. Doyle had a breakout season with the Colts as the #2 tight end and should continue to be an important player in a Rob Chudzinski-led offense (assuming Chud sticks around).

2. Erik Walden

Walden had a very nice year for the Colts and has been a good player for the Colts over the past few seasons. The Colts are very thin at outside linebacker, so it should be a top priority to keep Walden, even with the expected regression in his sack numbers.

3. Darius Butler

Personally, I’m a very big fan of versatile players. Butler has developed into a versatile player for the Colts as he can play the free safety, nickel cornerback and outside cornerback spots.

4. Mike Adams

The old man can still kick it! He may be turning 36, but he has shown no signs of slowing down. He can still be a productive starter, even at 36 years old, so the Colts should look to sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal.

5. Erik Swoope (ERFA)

Swoope took a big step forward in 2016 and has established himself as a legitimate receiving threat at tight end. While he’s still a bit raw as a route runner, he’s an explosive receiver who can pick up big chunks of yards. He’s a great #3 tight end and the Colts could probably get him at a good, cheap price. He’s an exclusive right free agent, meaning the Colts will not have a hard time retaining him if they do decide to keep him.

6. Zach Kerr (RFA)

We’re getting to the players that the Colts can afford to replace, but would be better off keeping around. Kerr provides good depth at the 5 tech spot, but also possess the ability to play the nose tackle spot. He’s a versatile spot that the Colts would be better off keeping for a cheap price (1-1.5M per year range).

7. Jonotthan Harrison (RFA)

Harrison is another versatile backup who the Colts would be better off keeping around. He can play both the center and guard spot. However, he’s not a guy you can rely on as a starter for more than a few games.

8. Trent Cole

Let’s face it, Trent Cole has been a bust with the Colts. He’s past his prime and he has a high asking price. The Colts shouldn’t bring him back unless it’s for veteran minimum.

9. Robert Turbin

Turbin had a nice little role on the team, but there are several college players and NFL free agents who can perform that role better than Turbin could.

10. Jordan Todman

Todman made some nice plays as a kick returner, but that’s about it. His only value comes on special teams. He could be worth bringing back, but he’s easily replaceable.

11. Hugh Thornton

Thornton is another early round Grigson bust. At this point, it’s probably best to part ways with Thornton and with the bodies along the offensive line, I can’t see the Colts bringing him back.

12. Josh McNary (RFA)

McNary has been replaced on the Colts. He’s not as good on special teams and Antonio Morrison and Edwin Jackson both proved to be better backups at inside linebacker.

Chris Carter/Quan Bray — Not Priorities

Bray has been replaced on special teams and Carter has no role on the team, so both should not be re-signed.