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Former Eagles co-worker on Ryan Grigson: “It was jaw-dropping” that he got Colts GM job

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Grigson isn’t the most popular guy in Indianapolis right now. There are plenty of Colts fans - the majority, it seems - that want him to be fired and are hoping that it might still happen this offseason.

These Colts fans don’t need to be told of Grigson’s many mishaps and misses that he’s had trying to put together this team around Andrew Luck, one that’s capable of winning a lot of games and Super Bowls like Jim Irsay wants and expects. So far, that hasn’t happened, and the Colts by and large don’t have a ton of talent. Enough talent to win the awful AFC South? Probably. Enough talent to win the Super Bowl? Far, far from it.

So Colts fans don’t need a reminder about Grigson’s misses in the draft and free agency, but it’s possible to get a clearer picture of him still. And it turns out that he might not have been the most popular guy in Philadelphia when he was with the Eagles either.

Former Eagles scout John Middlekauff worked with Grigson in Philadelphia and is now a Bay Area radio host. He has a podcast with Guy Haberman, and recently he discussed Louis Riddick on the podcast. Riddick is a current ESPN analyst who is a candidate for the 49ers GM opening and who also spent some time with the Eagles with Middlekauff and Grigson. Niners Nation wrote up a transcript of what Middlekauff had to say, and while the focus on the discussion was on Riddick, Middlekauff didn’t hold back from crushing Grigson either.

Here’s the part of the discussion from Middlekauff that is most pertinent to Colts fans, seeing as it deals with Grigson:

“And then [Riddick] got in the scouting world, he came up with [Washington], he was basically the second in command there. He came to the Eagles, was basically second in command when I was in Philly. And things, I think it’s hard, it’s easier the position I was in, that when you get second and third command, there’s a lot of egos in a lot of these NFL rooms. And the way the thing with Philly shook out was not all his fault. I mean he was clearly our most talented/dynamic guy. Like I was around Ryan Grigson. He never worked in the office, but he’d come in the office periodically. And you saw his reports. The difference between Louis Riddick and Ryan Grigson, if I was an owner and had to choose between the two of them is like the difference between Steph and like a D-league point guard. They weren’t even in the same f—ing realm. I mean they were in different universes.

“But, Ryan Grigson became a GM. I saw first-hand, everyone I was around said, “Ryan Grigson became a GM for the Colts?” Like it was jaw-dropping. It was jaw dropping when he get the interview, Guy, let alone he got the job. I mean, like, my god, he’s gonna get Andrew Luck, he’s gonna have a job for life. And clearly his resume speaks for itself. If he wasn’t BFF’s with the owner, how does he keep a job?”

So, yeah. Whatever your thoughts on Grigson, it’s very interesting to see what people who actually have worked with him and know him think about him. It’s just one guy’s opinion, but Middlekauff certainly didn’t hold back. He clearly seems to be in favor of the 49ers hiring Riddick as their GM, and he clearly didn’t seem to be in favor of the Colts hiring Grigson as their GM in 2012.

It’s certainly interesting and illuminating to hear this from a former co-worker of Grigson’s. And if that’s the thought of one guy, odds are there are more that feel that way also. So when you add that to the lack of production and lack of talent that the Colts put out on the field, it’s striking. And not a good look for the current GM.