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Chargers announce move to Los Angeles

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

There’s big news in the NFL world that was reported last night and confirmed by the team today: the San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles to begin playing there in 2017.

After 56 years in San Diego, the Chargers are heading to LA to join the Rams as the teams playing in Los Angeles. The Rams moved to LA last year, and the Chargers are now moving this year to join them.

It will take some time to get used to the Los Angeles Chargers, for sure, and it leaves San Diego without an NFL team. They leave San Diego after going 416-427-11 during their tenure there, and the one thing they will have going for them as they move is that they already have a franchise quarterback in place in Philip Rivers. That could help them get an edge on the Rams (who hope they have one in Jared Goff, but it’s uncertain). The Chargers will be undergoing a lot more change than simply the move, however, as they’re also in the process of searching for a new head coach.

The Colts will be seeing a lot of Los Angeles in the next few years. Next year, they will travel to LA to face the Rams, and they’ll be back in LA in 2019 to face the Chargers. It’s also possible that they could travel to LA in 2018 to face the Chargers, if the Colts and Chargers finish in the same place in the standings in their respective divisions.