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Here’s another reminder of how good the Colts were in 2005

Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

No Colts fan needs to be reminded of how good the 2005 team was, but it’s fun to reminisce anyway.

That team is still viewed by many as the best the Colts put together in the incredible Peyton Manning era, and even players and those associated with the team have publicly shared that sentiment as well. The Colts went 14-2 and absolutely dominated the rest of the NFL. Just how dominant were they? A current situation in the league can help demonstrate that.

According to NFL Research, the New England Patriots haven’t trailed in a game since week 12, as they’re on a current streak that spans more than six games that means 361 minutes and 56 seconds have currently passed (in game time) since the Patriots last trailed in a football game. That’s crazy impressive - but not nearly as impressive as what the Colts did in 2005.

NFL Research says that the last team to have a streak that long without trailing was that 2005 Colts team, who amazingly didn’t trail at all for a span of 444 minutes and 3 seconds of game time!! So take what the Patriots are doing now - which no team has done in over a decade - and add basically another game and a half without trailing and then you get what the 2005 Colts did. Incredible.

The Colts’ streak spanned eight games, and not only were they (obviously) 8-0 during that stretch, they also outscored opponents 262-131 during that streak. The streak was broken in week 15 when the San Diego Chargers jumped out to a first quarter lead, eventually moving their lead up to 16-0 before ultimately winning 26-17 to snap the Colts’ perfect season. Overall on the season, the Colts went 14-2, swept their division, and had a +192 point differential while they ranked third in yards per game, second in points per game, first in third down offense, tied for fourth in turnover differential, eleventh in yards per game allowed, and second in points per game allowed. The team was absolutely, totally dominant. And then, in the playoffs... well, let’s not go there.

Let’s just focus on how great that 2005 team was, and the current Patriots team and how good they are provide yet another reminder of how awesome the Colts were in the Manning era.