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Pat McAfee blasts Ryan Grigson, says “Thank God” in response to firing

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Colts fans are busy celebrating the news that the team has finally fired general manager Ryan Grigson, but the fans aren’t the only ones celebrating: the players are too.

Punter Pat McAfee didn’t mince words on Twitter when seeing the news that Grigson was fired:

So... that’s pretty telling. And it fits with comments that a former co-worker with the Eagles, John Middlekauff, said about Grigson recently as well. Furthermore, in the past I have heard of multiple former players and coaches who couldn’t stand Grigson, so it seems that this feeling is held by quite a few people.

This is a guy who had plenty of clashes with Chuck Pagano and the coaching staff, who wasn’t that popular among players, and who didn’t do a particularly good job at his job either. When a prominent player shares these kinds of comments right after a guy is fired, that says a lot. And all of this just leads us to question even more what Jim Irsay was thinking last year when he decided to bring Grigson back along with Chuck Pagano, since Irsay surely had to have known some of these sentiments that are out there.

Whatever the case, Jim Irsay finally decided to make the move and fire Ryan Grigson. The players seem pretty happy about it, just like the fans are.

Some other former Colts players have chimed in as well:

Reggie Wayne chimed in too: