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Jimmy Raye will interview for Colts GM job and will head Colts’ efforts at Senior Bowl this week

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Grigson is out as the general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, and Jim Irsay will begin an “extensive process” to figure out Grigson’s replacement.

While Irsay denied that Peyton Manning is in the picture for the general manager job, he did give one name who will indeed be a legitimate candidate for the job: Jimmy Raye III.

Raye is the Colts’ vice president of football operations and he’s drawn plenty of interest from other teams for their general manager openings in recent years, including this year with the San Francisco 49ers. He interviewed with the 49ers but was not invited back for a second interview. Raye has been Ryan Grigson’s right-hand man with the Colts, but don’t let that fact destroy your picture of him entirely: Raye is a well-respected guy (unlike Grigson) who has done some good things for the Colts in terms of undrafted free agent signings and who helped build the Chargers teams that were very good in the mid-2000s. Raye will get an interview with the Colts for their general manager opening.

Essentially, Raye will be the Colts’ interim GM for the time being. Irsay said that he spoke with Raye earlier this afternoon about the Senior Bowl and the state of the Colts’ team, and he said that Raye and head coach Chuck Pagano will lead the Colts’ efforts at the Senior Bowl this week. So it sounds like Raye will be handing the GM duties for now while Irsay goes on his search, and while there will certainly be a legitimate search, it sounds like Raye will be a very legitimate candidate as well and not just a throw-away interview.

Irsay said that he has a list of candidates and that it’s possible that he could add someone to that list too, and he gave a few hints about what he might be looking for. He mentioned that the candidates aren’t as well-known as some head coaching candidates are; he referenced bringing in a young guy and that seems to be a legitimate possibility; and he referenced analytics and wanting to stay up to date with that. So based on Irsay’s words and his hints, it would seem that the replacement for Ryan Grigson might be a relative unknown and a young guy who’s experienced with analytics. Is that guaranteed? No, but just going off of Irsay’s comments that seems to be the direction he might be heading. It will be interesting, and we’ll keep you updated on the GM search, but we for sure know one candidate is Jimmy Raye.