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Jim Irsay says Andrew Luck will be “a lot better off” because of shoulder surgery

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Recently, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck underwent shoulder surgery. That news was announced on Thursday and soon overshadowed by the news of Ryan Grigson’s firing on Saturday, but owner Jim Irsay did briefly mention Luck’s recovery during his press conference about the firing.

“I am very excited about the direction we are going,” Irsay said when talking about the team and the move to fire Grigson. “Obviously Andrew had shoulder surgery and I think he is going to be a lot better off because of it and he is doing great right now.”

That’s all Irsay had to say about Luck because the focus understandably and rightfully wasn’t about Luck, but it’s interesting that the owner thinks Luck will be better because of the surgery. His shoulder has been injured since the 2015 season and it resulted in him being limited each week in practice in 2016, but the Colts appeared hopeful that it wouldn’t require surgery. Luck went ahead and had the procedure done this offseason, however, and he’ll spend the offseason recovering from it.

On the field, it would have been incredibly hard to tell there was anything wrong with Luck. He looked fine and in fact regained his form as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, having a terrific season and posting career-best marks in completion percentage and yards per attempt while recording another 4,000 yard, 30+ touchdown season. Though Luck missed a game with a concussion and you could easily tell he was beat up by the end of the season - due to his elbow brace and the glove he wore on his hand - the shoulder issue wasn’t one that really showed up on the field.

But perhaps there was some impact behind-the-scenes that we couldn’t see, or perhaps Irsay is simply meaning that it will allow Luck to practice more openly without having to worry about limitations. At the very least, it sounds like the issue was something that was hindering Luck that will now make things better for the franchise quarterback. Either way, it sounds like it was a good thing to get taken care of this offseason and hopefully Irsay’s right in saying that Luck will be even better off next season because of it.