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Who should the Colts hire as their next general manager?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The first round of interviews for the Colts’ general manager position has been completed! The team announced yesterday that they completed the final two interviews with candidates, meaning that all six have been interviewed.

What now? Well, it’s quite possible that the Colts will conduct a second round of interviews with the finalists. It depends on whether Jim Irsay needs to hear more from the candidates to make his decision, but the bottom line is that things are progressing quickly in the search.

So it’s worth taking the time to ask: who should the Colts hire? I know fans have a lot of opinions on this, so I figured now would be as good of a time as any to take a poll to gauge the interest of fans in the candidates.

The good news is that all six of the candidates would be good hires: Chris Ballard (Chiefs’ director of football operations), Eliot Wolf (Packers’ director of football operations), George Paton (Vikings’ assistant general manager), Trent Kirchner (Seahawks’ co-director of player personnel), Scott Fitterer (Seahawks’ co-director of player personnel), and Jimmy Raye III (Colts’ VP of football operations).

Out of those six candidates, any of them would mean hiring a well-respected personnel guy who would very likely present an upgrade at the GM position for the Colts. So it’s probably not a decision in which there are any "bad" candidates, but there may be a "best" candidate. In my opinion, Chris Ballard should be at the very top of the list, followed by Eliot Wolf. The Colts have the unique opportunity to have an opening with a franchise quarterback already in place that draws the attention of some of the very top personnel guys in the business. That’s certainly the case with both Ballard and Wolf, as with the others. But I don’t really think they could go wrong with any of the candidates (even with Raye, who would surely generate a "meh" response from Colts fans), which makes it an interesting discussion.

So what about you? Who do you want the Colts to hire as their next GM?