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Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton leads AFC in receiving yards in Pro Bowl victory

NFL: Pro Bowl Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, while Colts fans were busy celebrating the hire of new GM Chris Ballard, the NFL’s annual all-star game was taking place in Orlando. This year, T.Y. Hilton was the lone Colts representative in the Pro Bowl, but he certainly produced.

Hilton caught five passes for 58 yards on eight targets, with his longest reception going for 24 yards. He finished as the leading receiver for the AFC, recording the most yards and tied for the most receptions of anyone on the team. Of course, it’s no surprise for Hilton to lead the pack in receiving yards, as during the regular season he led not just the AFC but the entire NFL in receiving yards (though during the Pro Bowl, three NFC players had more receiving yards).

The highlight of Hilton’s Pro Bowl week probably came on Thursday, however, as he held his own in the dodgeball game. In a 10-on-10 matchup between the AFC and NFC, several AFC players quickly got out, ultimately leaving just Hilton as the last remaining player from the team. He managed to catch a couple of balls before getting out, putting forth a valiant effort.

The skills competition was a nice addition to the Pro Bowl festivities this year, but the game itself actually turned out to be interesting (at least as interesting as the all-star game can be). The AFC won 20-13, but the game came down to the final possession as the NFC had the ball down a touchdown, but Kirk Cousins was intercepted. He then made a terrific play to run down the ballcarrier and force a fumble (an incredible effort for the Pro Bowl!), but the NFC couldn’t recover. The win meant a nice bonus for Hilton, who earns $61,000 as a member of the winning team.

The best part of the game from the Colts’ perspective, however, was this: Hilton didn’t get injured. So no harm came of it, and Hilton has completed his third straight Pro Bowl. At just 27 years old, there figures to be many more to come for the Colts’ star wideout.