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Robert Mathis says he’s retired and isn’t going to “Brett Favre it”

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This past Sunday, Robert Mathis played in his final game with the Indianapolis Colts, as he’s calling it quits after 14 years with the franchise.

Today, he made it clear that he’s staying retired. Appearing on 1070 the Fan with JMV this afternoon, Mathis said that he’s not going to “Brett Favre it,” obviously alluding to the former quarterback who had some indecision when it came to retirement decisions. Mathis made it clear that he’s staying retired, and he also said that he’s staying in Indianapolis. He said that he’s dropped his anchor here and that “it’s the best place to raise a family.” He also talked a bit about what he wants to do in retirement, saying, “I want to teach pass rush. I want to continue the heritage of quarterback-hating around here.” He said that he’s not looking to get into coaching because it’s too much of a time commitment and he wants to spend time with family, but he said he wants to be an advisor or consultant (and the Colts would be wise to bring him back in some sort of role with the organization as a pass rushing consultant).

Mathis was also asked about the job status of head coach Chuck Pagano, and his response made this much clear: the players don’t yet know whether he’s going to keep his job or not. Mathis said that he doesn’t know if Pagano will be back, but that the coach has a lot of support in the locker room and that the players are rooting for him, but that they’re waiting just like everyone else to hear what the decision is.

So if the players don’t know yet whether Pagano will be back, that would seem to very strongly suggest that no decision has been made yet - which would kind of be what many thought in the first place, since Jim Irsay has been completely silent since the season ended. We’re still left waiting to see what Jim Irsay will do, and it sounds like Mathis and the players are too.