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Colts Cast: Colts Updated PFF Grades are Questionable, Mixed Bag

The Indianapolis Colts have had an up-and-down season, without question. And even when we feel specific players have played well: do we actually think they’re playing well? Or, are they just playing well in comparison to how they typically play?

This week’s updated Pro Football Focus grades are a true mixed bag of what we, as fans, believe we are seeing. There are some inaccuracies — at least compared to how I feel about them — that make the mystery that is PFF’s grading system questionable in a few cases.

Today I went through each of the Colts top grades at each position, and gave either my approval or disgust with what I found. There were clear lines in a few of these, but overall, we’re seeing a clear emergence from some, while others are spinning down the drain.

According to PFF, here’s what the Colts will be up against in Week 6:



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