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Colts Cast: How the Colts Can Exploit the Titans in Week 6

As we move into Week 6 of the season, we can clearly see where the Indianapolis Colts succeed as well as where they tend to struggle. Eventually, some of their problem areas need to be smoothed out and they will have to find a way to maintain, or improve upon some of their strengths as well.

Right now one of the Tennessee Titans issues is their inability to get to the quarterback. How nice is that for the Colts who have struggled mightily protecting the quarterback at times?

If the Colts are going to get anything going to invert their lack of scoring in the third quarter, Monday would be a great time to do it. Additionally, the Titans have had struggles defending on third down, while Jacoby Brissett has done quite well with a 35.5 percent third down conversion rate of third-and-4 and beyond.

I’ll take you through all of that and more, as well as sifting through the Colts injury report and the latest Andrew Luck news.

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