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Stampede Blue Community Wagers Competition: Week 6 Colts at Titans

After dropping the ball last week, I am getting the wagers out well ahead of MNF.

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Last week was a total butt fumble by me as I was unable to get the wagers out until early Sunday morning. There were several factors that played a role in that debacle but I won’t bore you with excuses. TNutty got the easy repeat as he was the only member to comment but it really wasn’t cheap. He nailed four of the five wagers and was only a few hundred off from the official attendance. Let’s take a look at how last week’s wagers unfolded.

Wager number one was merely a question of even or odd on total points. There’s nothing to analyze here. The total was 59 . Odd

Wager number two was total rushing touchdowns and the over/under was set at 1.5. The Colts were again solid against the run and kept the 49ers running backs in check with zero rushing touchdowns. They did allow Brian Hoyer to pass for 350+ yards, but that wasn’t part of the wager so no reason to discuss that here. Marlon Mack and Jacoby Brissett both scored touchdowns for the Colts on the ground so the over was met. Mack looked incredible in space last Sunday and I believe it’s only a matter of time before he is getting a minimum 15 touches a game. Over

Wager number three was total first downs by the Colts offense and the over/under was set at 15.5. Going into last week’s contest, the Colts were only averaging 15 first downs a game. They blew that number away with 25 total first downs last week. Going 8 for 16 on third downs helped as they were able to sustain drives and get points on the board. Over

Wager number four was a yes or no question regarding either team forcing AND recovering a fumble. Though there were 5 total fumbles in the game, neither defense could scoop it up and create the turnover. No

Wager number five asked who would win the time of possession battle. It was close, but the Colts were able to win that battle by about 6 minutes. Obviously, the 25 total first downs helped as well as their ability to have success on the ground. Colts

Total attendance was 65,612. TNutty guessed 65,318. Very impressive. TNutty will have his named entered twice in the end of the season drawing.

Here are this week’s wagers.

  • Odd/Even total points? Odd/Even
  • Total combined rushing yards for both quarterbacks? Over 49.5/Under 49.5
  • Total first downs allowed by the Colts defense? Over 21.5/Under 21.5
  • Will either team block an extra point, field goal or punt? Yes/No
  • Which team will score last? Colts/Titans

Tie-Breaker: Official Game Attendance (closest without going over).

Please use this example as the format to wager: Odd. Over. Under. No. Colts. 67,350.

Good luck and happy betting.