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Stampede Blue’s NFL Week 6 Staff Picks

The Stampede Blue crew is back to blow another week of NFL picks

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We’re at it again here in Week 6 as our Stampede Blue staff attempt to feel smart in sending through our picks. This week their are 4 divisional games, including the Indianapolis Colts’ matchup with the Tennessee Titans, and a few of them could have very real implications at this point in the season.

The Colts and Titans have had some very good games in their recent histories, but that could be nearly out of the question if Marcus Mariota doesn’t suit up. Jacoby Brissett has continued to progress and it would frankly be a shame to be forced to sit through Matt Cassel on Monday Night Football.

The Chicago Bears will attempt to prove they’re for real in Mitchell Trubisky’s second career start which will be against the Baltimore Ravens who are trying to smooth out there inconsistencies as well. The Detroit Lions at the New Orleans Saints has the potential to be a great game to watch if, both, Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees get hot and turn it into a track meet.

It feels a touch weird saying that the Jacksonville Jaguars squaring off against the Los Angeles Rams could be a low-key great game to feast your eyes on, but both teams have shown some very impressive growth already in this young season.

The way that the Pittsburgh Steelers have been playing lately, their matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs could get ugly if it consists. This game has the players we want to see go head-to-head for three hours, but without Ben Roethlisberger’s quality quarterback play, several of the weapons’ production will obviously suffer as well.

Finally we’re seeing a New York Giants team scavenging for points hoping to right their ship with one less cornerback, and one less receiver against a very dangerous Denver Broncos squad. Again, if the Giants continue what they’ve been putting out on the field they will get smashed, but Eli Manning has the lineage to do some amazing things with lesser known options.

Here’s to the Colts getting to .500 before the Colts host the Jaguars in Week 7.

This week the following contributors voted on each game: Brett Mock, Matt Danely, Josh Hudgens, Faraz Majid, Chris Blystone, Andrew Aziz, Stephen Reed, Chris Shepherd, Jared Malott and Jake Arthur. Again, our group voted ‘winners’ which have been bolded, with the vote counts in parenthesis and unanimous predictions were noted by an asterisk (*).

This week with 10 voters, we had a couple ties. In those cases we went with the home team as a default option for our group vote.

Thus far the staff’s numbers are: Faraz Majid – 28/44 (63.6%) | Brett Mock – 43/72 (59.7%) | Chris Blystone – 38/72 (52.8%) | Matt Danely – 39/72 (54.2%) | Andrew Aziz – 38/72 (52.8%) | Jake Arthur – 32/57 (56.1%) | Jared Malott – 45/72 (62.5%) | Stephen Reed – 37/72 (51.4%) | Chris Shepherd – 30/58 (51.7%) | Josh Hudgens – 24/42 (57.1%) | Mark Lowry —14/30 (46.6%)

Sunday @ 1:00 ET

Bears @ Ravens (7) | Contrarians: Matt Danely, Stephen Reed, Chris Blystone

49ers @ Redskins (9) | Contrarian: Blystone

Dolphins @ Falcons*

Patriots (8) @ Jets | Contrarians: Chris Shepherd, Blystone

Packers* @ Vikings

Lions @ Saints | Contrarians: Jake Arthur, Andrew Aziz, Reed, Shepherd, Danely

Browns @ Texans (8) | Contrarians: Reed, Shepherd

Sunday @ 4:05 ET

Rams @ Jaguars | Contrarians: Faraz Majid, Shepherd, Aziz, Blystone, Arthur

Sunday @ 4:25 ET

Steelers @ Chiefs (9) | Contrarian: Josh Hudgens

Chargers @ Raiders | Contrarians: Mark Lowry, Majid, Hudgens, Danely, Reed

Sunday @ 8:30 ET

Giants @ Broncos*

Monday @ 8:30

Colts @ Titans | Contrarians: Danely, Reed, Blystone, Hudgens, Majid

Please share your Week 6 picks in the comments!