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A Perfect Storm of Problems Plagues Titans, Colts Keep Getting Healthier

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

“Fire Pagano & Company. Season’s over. Luck’s finished.”

Are these things you’ve said this year or in year’s past?

If so, you’re right.

I know you need to be told that you’re right.

I suppose that’s precisely why that won’t be what happens.

As of right now, it appears that the NFL is falling apart as the Colts keep getting healthier and healthier every week. This does not bode well for those members of this fan base that keep clamoring “fire everyone” after every miserable outing.

Tonight’s game is for the division lead, and with injuries to key players within the AFC South (Jacksonville RB Leonard Fournette, Houston DE J.J. Watt and Tennessee QB Marcus Mariota), the division is wide open and all the Colts have to do is the same thing they need to do most every other week.

What’s that, you ask?

I’d like to think football is a relatively simple game. Don’t turn the ball over on offense and force turnovers on defense. Don’t make senseless mistakes, particularly avoidable mistakes like coaching decisions. Try to be unpredictable on offense and defense, and don’t stop doing something if it’s working. Also, don’t let up on your opponent once you’ve completely demoralized them. No lead is safe, right?

Will any of these things happen tonight? Or will the Colts fail to capitalize on the also-shaky Titans team that also went without its starting quarterback last week? The Titans plan to play Mariota (at this point on Monday afternoon) tonight despite reports he’d need to miss some additional time to recover from a significant hamstring injury.

If I wasn’t aware that Chucky P. is completely inept and the rest of the staff doesn’t have the nuts to right the ship in his wake, I’d be calling for a Colts victory tonight on the road in what I’ll only half-heartedly call a hostile environment. Let’s be serious, country music is what gets this city up in the morning, not their gull-durned football team.

The real threat from the Tennessee offense is its stable of running backs. Much like years past, this team runs the ball and then runs the ball and then uses the pass to set up the run again. If Mariota were healthy, this defense could get yoked around. However, unlike previous iterations of this Titans offense, Mariota isn’t nearly as efficient in the red zone this year as he’s been in years past.

The Colts are also no slouch on defense anymore. I’m not calling them one of the best defenses in the league by any stretch, but I am saying they’re more stout against the run and they’re getting better in coverage every week.

All this said, it’s time to figure out if we’ve been chopping enough wood to earn this division win and given the perfect storm of problems the Titans have had, this is the week the Colts take back control of the division.



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