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Week 7 Power Rankings: Colts Still Bottom Feeders

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Well, the Colts are nothing if not consistent. They have proven so far this season that they are incapable of putting together 60 minutes of quality football in the same game. There have certainly been positives. This Colts defense looks better than it has in a long time. The building blocks going forward are there, and with the addition of a couple top-quality linebackers, this defense is, dare I say, formidable.

But this offense. I’ll admit, Andrew Luck fooled me. He had me convinced that Donte Moncrief was a somebody. He’s not. Just a diva who can’t be depended on to make plays. T.Y. Hilton? He’s great. He’ll absolutely torch you for big gains. Or he won’t, just depends on his mood. Jack Doyle? Someone tell me who kidnapped the real Jack Doyle and put this cut-rate clone in his place? Without Andrew Luck, this offense flat-out sucks. Jacoby Brissett, when paired with the right play caller, could be absolutely fantastic. But Andrew Luck has been fantastic despite terrible play callers. Until he is back, the Colts are right where they belong, above the two winless teams they barely beat.

ESPN Has the Colts dropping 2 spots to 29th.

Whenever Andrew Luck returns, the chips will be stacked against him. Does he return in Week 7 against a Jaguars defense that leads the league in sacks and picks? Does he return in Week 8 or 9 on the road in Cincinnati or Houston, respectively? Or does he return in Week 10 against the Steelers, a team he lost to 51-34 the last time he faced them? There might not be an ideal time.’s Elliot Harrison has the Colts dropping 1 spot to 30th.

Feel like the Colts are better than 30th. But what am I to do when Indy's two wins are against the only teams ranked lower in this league hierarchy? Jacoby Brissett had all the fantasy czars tweeting about his pointage in the first half. Second half: Titans DC Dick LeBeau implemented the proper adjustments and Jack Doyle fought the football.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has the Colts dropping 2 spots to 28th.

They will likely be without Andrew Luck again this week against the Jaguars. They can't afford another division loss after losing to the Titans on Monday night.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio has the Colts holding at 29th.

If they can stay within striking distance of first place in the division when Andrew Luck returns, this could get interesting.

Frank Schwab of Shutdown Corner has the Colts down one spot to 29th.

I don’t understand how a player like T.Y. Hilton finishes a game with one catch for 19 yards. I don’t care how the Titans covered him. That’s on the coaching staff for not getting their best player the ball more often.