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Colts Cast: Colts Coming Up Short In Too Many Key Areas

Matt Danely runs through some interesting statistics, showing why the Colts find themselves at 2-4, and also hits on PFF’s updated Colts grades

Aside from the Indianapolis Colts finding seemingly several ways to lose, some situations have become more prevalent than others. For example, the Colts have continued to be outscored in each quarter of the second half — but, what is causing it? Well, falling down the charts in some very key areas, mixed with bad coaching and zero situational awareness will do that to you.

The Colts haven’t been able to seal a victory, or even take significant control of each game. Today I’ll go through some of the more revealing statistics, situations which I feel have become especially detrimental to the Colts season.

The Colts room for error has diminished considerably given their 2-4 record, and through the majority of these areas, it’s beginning to become quite clear why they are where they currently are. I’ll also go through the updated PFF grades to pour salt into the wound, and we’ll have just a grand ole time!