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Colts Cast: Recapping and Reacting to Colts Week 4 Loss to Seahawks w/Sam Gold

Sam Gold of Field Gulls joins Matt Danely to recap the Colts big loss to the Seahawks

Talk about a game of extreme highs, and colossal lows from one half to the next. The Indianapolis Colts couldn’t really have expected a better first half of football on the road at CenturyLink Field. Granted, it wasn’t perfect, but at that venue, with a quarterback making his first road start and agains that notorious defense — it was pretty darn good.

However, the second half couldn’t have been much worse either. After dominating through the first 30 minutes of the game, allowing only 3 first half points to the Seattle Seahawks’ offense, things were bound to get more difficult, but as much of a surprise as the first half — the second half completely blew the doors off of any shot at coming away with a victory.

The Colts were the ones with only 3 offensive points in the half, and getting dominated — especially time of possession — and the defense simply didn’t hold up. The Colts offense couldn’t get much of anything done, penalties ultimately handed the Seahawks their first score of the second half and the rest was history.

Sam Gold of Field Gulls joined me to recap the Sunday night blowout, and I’ll also break down a bit more of what I saw on my own. As much as you may want to put this on Chuck Pagano, I’m not making him shoulder much of it at all. This was a loss due to two turnovers which were scored off of, penalties early in the second half which tossed the momentum back to the Seahawks, and a lack of execution when it mattered.

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