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Colts Injury Updates: Luck will “work back in” this week, Bond’s season over, Kelly likely to return

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck Likely to Practice this Week

For a second consecutive week the Colts have given positive indications about Andrew Luck’s return to the football field. Head coach Chuck Pagano hinted at a possible return last week, and he is still not committing 100 percent to this week. The difference between this week and last is that Chris Ballard discussed Luck’s return on his radio show today and said,

We’ll slowly start working him back into practice this week. We’ll see how much he gets. But we’ve got a plan in place to where we want him to start getting him reps and then, in time as we can get him incorporated back into team work and all that, we’ll get him back on the field.

Andrew’s doing good, he’s doing really good. I’ve watched him throw the ball and he’s starting to get his motion back, getting his lower body to start working with his upper body. His strength levels are getting back to where they need to be.

Personally, I was surprised that Luck didn’t make an appearance on the practice field in some capacity last week — not withstanding the announcement on Wednesday that he would not return. With Ballard also commenting that Luck will likely return to practice this week and that he has seen him throwing the football, I feel even more confident (I know, I’m probably a fool).

It comes as no surprise that Luck will still follow a gradual timeline for returning to taking full reps. Do not expect him to take over right away. His progress in a limited capacity practicing this week will go a long way in how much he will be able to pick up the pace. Long shot at this point is a return against Tennessee in Week 6, with a more reasonable return time-frame against Jacksonville in Week 7.

Pagano commented on his gradual return to full strength and practice,

Everybody has to understand he’s not going to come back and take all the first-team reps and play 50, 60, 70 snaps in practice a day. We have to integrate him back into practice. Like anybody else, do some individual, throw some routes versus air, stay with his throwing progression and bring him along. Again, it’d be great just to have him out there with his teammates, red jersey on, working again.

If the practice schedules for Vontae Davis and — potentially — Ryan Kelly are any indication he will likely need a week of full practice before he takes the field in a game.

Deyshawn Bond’s Season is Over, Ryan Kelly’s will start Against the 49ers

Mike Chappell is reporting that Colts have confirmed Deyshawn Bond suffered a significant quad injury and will not be able to return this season. Chuck Pagano commented during the Colts radio show,

Bond has a pretty significant quad injury. I feel bad for the kid. I hate to lose anybody. He’s done a phenomenal job of stepping in for (Ryan) Kelly . . . playing as solid and consistent football as anybody on the offensive line.

Bond’s contributions to the offense this year have been crucial with Ryan Kelly suffering a foot injury in training that required surgery and has cost him the first four games of the season. Oddly enough, just as the Colts lose their rookie backup, Ryan Kelly is slated to return. In the same radio show, Chris Ballard said, “We’re going to get Ryan back this week. The timing is good because we need him.”

The core of this young Colts team is finally starting to get healthy. If Luck can return to the field and Geathers can come back shortly after, fans might finally get a feel for the team at full strength.

Jack Doyle in Concussion Protocol

It was reported during the Seahawks game that Jack Doyle missed some time due to some concerns about potentially suffering a concussion. After not having symptoms initially, Doyle took the field again. However, he did begin experiencing symptoms and was pulled from the game.

Mike Chappel reports that Chuck Pagano confirmed that he will start the week in the concussion protocol. One has to wonder if this might have had some kind of impact on his drop.