Looking Forward to the Draft

With the misery that's been this season, I'm interested in seeing what SB thinks about our first round pick. The draft is my favorite time of the year, unless the Colts are in contention. (BTW, not to brag, but I was the only one who predicted us taking Hooker this year on another fan-post) I am predicting we pick top 5, especially if Luck doesn't come back at all this year, and even if he does. Here's who I've laid out as my options.

OLB Arden Key: My first choice. Possibly the best player combining talent and positional value in the draft. Comes from the competitive SEC, although I'd argue the Big 10 is the new best division. But I digress. Key is big, and long. 6 foot 6 inches, and 238 lbs. Long arms and seasoned moves to make him an immediate pass rushing threat. Chuck Smith said he's an even better prospect than Garret was this year, but what does he know anyways.

DE Harold Landry: An elite edge rusher worthy of a top 5 selection and the other option against Key. 6 foot 3, 250 lbs. Despite weighing more than Key, he's faster and Key is more powerful. Landry has an elite get off step and looks natural as a pass rusher. He's fluid and makes quick adjustments, and he's stout against the run as well. But I would cautiously say DE isn't a position of need for us.

RB Saquon Barkley: I love this guy, and I wish we had the luxury of taking him, but he might be a smart pick anyways? Barkley is the best running back prospect I've ever seen (i'm young). But still. 5 foot 11, 229 lbs. He's shiftier than Elliot, and more powerful than Fournette. He can line up with the receivers like McCaffrey. He's also a fair pass blocker. What if Luck really never will have his elite arm strength after these injuries? Barkley takes the pressure off, he adds another recieving and check down threat to a receiving corps that doesn't have the potential it used to. With Luck and Barkley in the same backfield, there's not a defense in the league that could stop them. And using the same mindset the Cowboys did when they drafted Elliot, this elite back will help out defense as much as an elite defender will by keeping them off the field. But there's a fair chance Shanahan grabs him at pick 2 if he gets Cousins in FA.

OT Mike McGlinchey: McGlinchey was the best OL prospect last year but decided to go back to school. This year, he's still the best OL prospect. This dude is big. 6 foot 8 inches and 312 pounds. Despite his size, he's quick and fluid and easily holds off explosive edge rushers. He's fast enough to keep up with the run game and strong enough for elite pass protection. Drafting him could let us put him at RT, or since he's probably better, shift Castonzo to RT. With McGlinchey at LT, Castonzo at RT, and Kelley at C, I'm finally comfortable putting Luck back under center. OL fixed, with one pick.

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