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Colts Cast: In-Game Adjustments, Andrew Luck’s Setback & Colts RB Situation

The Indianapolis Colts have had a lead in 5 of their 6 games this season, yet the vast majority of fans want Chuck Pagano and the coaching staff want there to be significant adjustments made at halftime of each game. Jake Arthur joins me to talk about what adjustments the coaching staff truly needs to be making in those situations.

Additionally, we speak about Andrew Luck’s perceived setback, whether it is indeed a setback or not, and how long it’s likely to effect his absence. We also touch on the Colts running backs situation with the recent possible season-ending injury to Robert Turbin. How will each be used? Will there be a realistic push to play Marlon Mack significantly more? Will Matt Jones hold a significant role, or be forgotten?

Jake and I discuss all of this and much more.

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