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Colts Cast: Examining Colts Week 7 Clash with Jaguars w/Laurie Fitzpatrick

The Indianapolis Colts have yet to put together a full four quarters of football thus far into the season. On the other hand, the Jacksonville Jaguars happen to be one of the more interesting teams in the league right now.

The Jaguars are turning opponents over, sacking their quarterbacks and protecting Blake Bortles while they ultimately attempt to hide him from being able to lose games for them. The Colts, however, have started the past 5 games with lead at halftime and need to find a way to put their collective foot on the opponent’s throat.

Can the Colts offensive line handle the task of warding off the Jaguars’ pass rush, while also getting the receivers enough of a look with a well-designed pass routes? Can Chuck Pagano not blow it? Can Jacoby Brissett put everything he’s learned together and have some sort of a break out game?

Maybe most importantly, can the Colts employ their backfield effectively giving Marlon Mack some opportunities to make some big plays?

Laurie Fitzpatrick, of Big Cat Country, joins me today to take a look at all aspects of each organization and go through all of the current strengths and weaknesses that they provide with the Week 7 matchup creeping up Sunday.

With a win the Colts are still in the mix for when Luck, and if, returns to the lineup. However, if they can’t come through, the Colts will have an extremely difficult road to climb.

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