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Colts Cast: Colts Can’t Win, Need to Lose Pagano Now

There is very little, if anything, positive to take away from the Indianapolis Colts getting blown out at home by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacoby Brissett was bad, the offensive line got worked over pretty good, the running game was abandoned, the defense couldn’t tackle and they racked up some pretty painful injuries.

There’s no more time for excuses. No more time for passive-aggressive admissions of guilt for failing to prepare the team week in and week out. And maybe the most important, there’s no more time to allow this coach to dig the organization into a deeper hole.

The Colts need a leader, one who takes the hard approach to bringing the best out of his players. One who can develop players year-to-year and make solid use of what we have, and design a defense around the player’s strengths.

More importantly, the team appears to have some finger-pointing going on now, and is anything but a cohesive unit right now. Change is needed, change is inevitable, but does Ballard and Jim Irsay believe that it is time right now?

We’ll see.

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