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Colts Cast: Colts Transition Brings Opportunity After Loss of Key Players

Jake Arthur joins Matt Danely to run down a messy week of Indianapolis Colts news and team discussion

Today Jake Arthur joins me today to dive into everything surrounding the Indianapolis Colts right now. We touch on the possible divide created by T.Y. Hilton’s comments following the Colts Week 7 shallacking at the hands of the Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as a brief look into the Robert Mathis arrest.

We also get into the hump Jacoby Brissett is apparently stuck on one side of with his progression since arriving. We discuss whether or not he may have been surviving on instincts in the initial weeks, or if he’s actually just regressing for some reason.

We talk about Andrew Luck and if there’s anything to expect from him in his current situation, the state of the Colts in general and how much of a negative impact the coaching is actually having on those players sitting behind starters who don’t deserve to be getting such a high percentage of snaps.

Specifically, we dive into the coaching staff’s inability to dial up reasonable gameplans, adding rhythm for the offense or unique ways of being aggressive defensively. All in all, we touch on nearly everything as well as how the Colts can’t afford to suffer any injuries on their front-4, otherwise this season could actually get a lot worse.

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