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Stampede Blue Community Wagers Competition: Week 8 Colts at Bengals

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The Colts were really bad in week 7 but at least carlcoltsfan had something to cheer about. He and two others tied with three correct wagers but he got the tie-breaker giving him the victory and putting an end to TNutty’s three week run. It wasn’t pretty but let’s quickly recap last week’s action.

Wager 1 was total receptions by Colts receivers and the over/under was set at 19.5. Jacoby Brissett somehow completed 22 passes even though he was sacked on every other play from scrimmage. I’m not sure that’s a completely accurate statement, but it sure seemed like it. Over

Wager 2 was total rushing touchdowns by both teams and the over/under was set at 2.5. The Colts didn’t score a touchdown, so obviously they didn’t contribute this week. The Jaguars got into the end zone on the ground twice but it wasn’t enough for the over. Under

Wager 3 was total interceptions by the Colts defense and the over/under was set at 1.5. Not only did the Colts defense make some bad running backs look good, they also made Blake Bortles look like a pro-bowler. Zero interceptions by the Colts defense. Under

Wager 4 was a question regarding either team converting a 4th down. Despite 4 fourth down attempts, neither team was able to convert. No

Wager 5 was a question regarding who would score the first touchdown. Well, the Colts didn’t score...So, yeah...Jaguars

Total attendance was 63,104. carlcoltsfan guessed 62,973. That might be the closest difference yet (103). Carlcoltsfan will now have his named entered in the end of the season drawing.

Here are this week’s wagers.

  • Total sacks by the Bengals defense? Over 3.5/Under 3.5
  • Total passing touchdowns by both teams? Over 3.5/Under 3.5
  • Longest play from scrimmage? Over 44.5/Under 44.5
  • Colts third down conversion percentage? Over 49.5%/Under 49.5%
  • Which team will score first in the 2nd half? Colts/Bengals

Tie-Breaker: Official Game Attendance (closest without going over).

Please use this example as the format to wager: Over. Under. Under. Under. Colts. 51,750.

Good luck and happy betting.