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Colts Week 8 Inactives: Quincy Wilson Still Not Getting Opportunity

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

As the Indianapolis Colts prepare to take on the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium the team has announced their inactives for the matchup. At 2-5 the Colts are appearing to be possible sellers as the trade deadline approaches, but nothing has been confirmed other than the team has been fielding phone calls.

But, there are again some surprises in regards to who the team is putting on the field. Rookie Quincy Wilson is again an inactive despite the fact that Rashaan Melvin is out with concussion issues. The coaching staff has been coming up with multiple reasons over the past several days as to why that has been the case for several weeks now.

This baffles anyone who saw his potential in the Colts matchup with the Arizona Cardinals. What is truly going on with this situation? However, Indy Star reporter Stephen Holder has offered this that was not communicated through the team’s injury report this week:

For me this still begs the question: Is he inactive directly due to aggravating a knee injury, or did he simply aggravate the knee late in the week AND he’s also inactive?

Wilson practiced and played this season through similar issues with his knee and this seems convenient coming from a team who has come up with excuses around every corner for failing to put their second-round pick on the field the past three weeks.

Both, a tweak of the knee and he is inactive this week can still be true, however, I don’t know if I’m on board with the cause and effect portion of this move.

Aside from Wilson there aren’t really any surprises on the list, aside from maybe Anthony Walker who was a solid participant in practice this week.