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Colts Cast: Colts Improved, Fail to Finish Against Bengals

Kevin Hickey of Colts Wire joins Matt Danely to discuss the Colts Week 8 loss to Bengals, as well as the Colts latest rumors and news

So, how was that for an eventful Sunday? Before the game even kicked off we were getting flooded with trade talk about Vontae Davis and T.Y. Hilton, as well as another week of Andrew Luck rumors to take in.

Then we got to see the Indianapolis Colts, despite being depleted yet again due to injury, nearly claw out a win against the Cincinnati Bengals. We saw Tarell Basham finally get his first NFL sack, Barkevious Mingo played extremely well in John Simon’s absence.

Jacoby Brissett was significantly better fundamentally, the run defense stepped up and Henry Anderson was an outright beast Sunday. However, the Colts receivers failed to show up and contribute even a little. Jack Doyle luckily was the man of the day for Brissett, but his and Marlon Mack’s touchdown receptions simply weren’t enough to edge the Colts into the win column.

If anything, this solid outing likely delayed the pressure that Chuck Pagano will feel for the remainder of the season as he’s teetering on the brink of unemployment. In the end, we saw some progression from players we expect to see in Indianapolis next year, and can only hope for smart decisions by the front office concerning the personnel moves, or non-moves in the future.

Kevin Hickey of Colts Wire joins me to discuss everything we experienced Sunday, and may be talking about in the days to come.

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