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Colts Cast: Examining AFC South’s First Quarter of 2017 with Chris Blystone

Believe it or not, the first quarter of the 2017 season has already come and gone. It seems like just yesterday we were bickering about having to wade through the preseason and begging to see some football that actually matters. It’s gone quickly, and there’s been some suffering already, but it looks like things could possibly be looking up.

Chris Blystone joins me today to run through the AFC South’s first quarter of the season, discussing each team’s start to the year, what their strengths and weaknesses have been thus far and even what we expect to materialize in the next four games. The entire NFL has been impossible to predict to this point in the year, let alone the AFC South, but there are certainly a handful of things we absolutely know right now.

The Colts are awful in the second half of games and desperately need to get healthy. The Tennessee Titans can’t decide if they’re going to blow team’s out, or get smashed themselves. The Houston Texans finally feel as though they have their quarterback of the future, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the only team in the division who doesn’t have anything close to a franchise option under center.

The teams all have some interesting schedules coming up, and Chris and I go through them to attempt to figure out where they could all be by the midway point in the season. Additionally, Chris and I take a cursory look at the Colts Week 5 matcup with the San Francisco 49ers, and I give some thoughts on the most recent Colts news and notes as well.

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