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Ryan Kelly Will Start Sunday, Andrew Luck Will Not

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the news that Indianapolis Colts fans have been waiting for, a couple of the major questions and topics are becoming more clear. Today Chuck Pagano stated that center Ryan Kelly will indeed start this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, but also stated that Andrew Luck will not, and that it was never really a question for this week.

Additionally, Luck will be on a type of program in which he’ll be on a ‘pitch count’ and will have a route script for what he’ll be throwing for the day. This likely will be the case for the whole week, and the Colts obviously don’t want Luck throwing anything too deep and want to allow him to gradually increase the torque that is levied on his shoulder.

With Deyshawn Bond going to IR, the Kelly news couldn’t have come at a better time. The Colts running game has been deplorable through four weeks, and the line has been quite porous through the interior in protection as well.

We know that even the thought of Luck with a ball in his hands is good news as he is well on his way to returning. However, Pagano stated that there still is no definitive timeline for his return to game action. Feasibly it will take a couple weeks for him to return to even a slight shadow of his former self throwing the ball, and we shouldn’t expect him back before Week 7 at the earliest.

Hopefully, the rest of the Colts can begin to get healthy, and we can actually see what this roster would look like with everyone on the field together.