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Colts Cast: Understanding and Defeating Kyle Shanahan’s Scheme with Mark Schofield

Mark Schofield (Inside the Pylon, Bleacher Report) stops by to school us on everything we need to know about Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme before the Colts Week 5 matchup with the 49ers

The Indianapolis Colts head into Week 5 with only a single win, but are preparing for the winless San Francisco 49ers. But, they’re not only preparing for the team, they’re forced to dive into what their head coach and offensive genius Kyle Shanahan will be attempting to do to exploit everything that they struggle at.

As luck would have it, the Colts will need their linebackers to be on top of it like they have yet to be this season — covering running backs and tight ends with precision — and will need the front seven to produce pressure consistently.

This won’t be easy with the design of Shanahan’s playcalling, but Mark Schofield (Inside the Pylon, Bleacher Report) is here to give us all a lesson on the best way to attack the 49ers offense and which packages to use. Week 5 couldn’t be any more important for the Colts as they are in a pinch already, but could take a deep dive down the wrong hole should they come up short in this matchup.

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