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Colts Cast: Marlon Mack, T.Y. Hilton Spearhead Colts to Week 5 Win Over 49ers

The Indianapolis Colts have now, both, lost and won a game in overtime. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see the Colts being successful by making a habit of these late comebacks and coming out on top too often. In the end Jacoby Brissett, Marlon Mack and T.Y. Hilton made enough plays to pull out a victory against a San Francisco 49ers squad that may just be indeed worse.

One thing is for certain: without Mack, the Colts likely don’t get into field goal territory late in OT to pull that win out. Despite the Rob Chudzinski continuing to missuse Mack’s skillset for spells at a time, and not using him enough when he’s in a groove, he still made the most of his opportunities.

Hilton’s 177 receiving yards and Mack’s 91 rushing yards — on 16 touches between them — were 60 percent of the Colts total offense and it could have been even greater. Hilton dropped a 40-plus-yard bomb, and Mack didn’t get the receiving touches that Frank Gore and Robert Turbin did.

Can you imagine if Mack, when he’s playing like this, was the recipient of a couple more screen passes or was lined up out wide for a mismatch against a linebacker? We can only hope that the Colts coaching staff is seeing this potential as well.

In the end the Colts pulled out a 26-23 win to rise to a 2-3 record — now tied with the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans in the AFC South — despite another special teams gaffe, and a senseless wildcat formation inside of the red zone. With a Week 6 win the Colts could be .500 with a possible Week 7 return of Andrew Luck — we hope.

Brett Mock also joins me later in the show to dive into what he saw yesterday as well.

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