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Colts Cast: Colts Talk, Don’t Walk at Trade Deadline; Updated Colts PFF Grades

The NFL trade deadline has come and gone, and while the Indianapolis Colts were said to be listening to a plethora of offers none ever materialized.

The Philadelphia Eagles who were said to be interested in Frank Gore landed Jay Ajayi, the Carolina Panthers sent Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills while the Colts were trying to deal Donte Moncrief and we never really hear to many particulars on where Vontae Davis may go.

I touch on each possibility that were rumored to have been on the table at some point or another and give my take on why they weren’t dealt, or why they should have been.

On this episode I also take a run through the Colts updated PFF grades, giving my typical analysis on what I agree with, and explaining why I disagree with others as well.

I also go through the situation regarding Andrew Luck. Why I don’t think the noise suggesting the fans were lied to is particular true, why each mouthpiece said what they did, and how the team couldn’t have possibly known that Luck would have been a candidate for any sort of setback.

Sometimes there’s just no conspiracy folks. Let’s just move on from the loud and obnoxious takes and accept what’s happening is what we saw a year ago as the closest thing to worst-case scenario aside from Luck’s career being over. As many have said in recent weeks; there are no medical professionals stating that it is career threatening, therefore we have no reason to believe that it could be.

We’ve dealt with these kind of seasons before, we’ll have to deal with it now.

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