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Colts Cast: Why Davis’ Release Was Correct Move; Are Colts Headed in Right Direction?

Matt Danely discusses the latest Indianapolis Colts news, gives a look at their Week 10 matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers and much more

Naturally, the release of a former Pro Bowl cornerback is going to draw some views from both sides of the argument. Vontae Davis was a huge part of giving the Indianapolis Colts the latitude to play their style of pass coverage, and defense as a whole.

However, his time had come with multiple nagging injuries to the aging veteran. Additionally, his decline in play over the past couple seasons in conjunction with the Colts shopping him at the trade deadline and finally with the fiasco that ensued following his demotion all led to what we witnessed Thursday. I’ll go in on why I feel that this was the right move for the team and eliminates one more issue for the future.

Additionally, the Colts have their bye coming in Week 11. The Colts are also getting some interesting pieces back on both sides of the ball in the coming weeks. Chuck Pagano is making some hard/unpopular decisions, and Jacoby Brissett could be coming into his own at the right time of the season.

Despite the team being in their current state, there could be a slight turnaround in the team’s production and I’ll give my take on who could be a large part of that and why the players may be currently taking part in a change that they aren’t even aware of yet. Are the Colts heading in the right direction, and could some of the players be expediting the process with a renewed approach in the locker room? I think they just might be.

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