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Andrew Luck Reportedly in Europe Treating Shoulder

The Colts franchise quarterback is exploring all options to correct right shoulder issues

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts franchise quarterback Andrew Luck is reportedly seeking treatment in Europe as he hopes to fix the ailments of his surgically repaired right shoulder. The priceless shoulder that the Colts so desperately need to return to greatness is one that Luck is apparently willing to explore any, and all of the worlds best opinions in order to take care of that very expensive shoulder.

Mike Wells of ESPN has shared the news recently in a brief article stating that sources have offered this to, both, he and Chris Mortensen.

Luck was taken off of the preseason PUP list in hopes of getting back into action earlier in the season, however, he and the team recently decided to place him on IR as to follow the opinions they received of more rehab. The Colts earned an extra roster spot as a result, but we won’t see Luck in action until 2018 as far as we currently know.

The progression of Jacoby Brissett, who was brought in before Week 1 via what now looks to have been a great trade on behalf of the Colts, could not be more important for where the team currently sits within the division. His hopeful ascension into becoming a legitimate NFL starter could very well get the Colts into real contention for either the AFC South, or a possible Wild Card opening.

Just as possibilities for each are still apparent, that reality takes a massive hit with every loss and won’t take too many more to eliminate them from contention.

With this, I for one hope that Luck travels the world in his time off in order to get the most intelligent minds in a room to repair what is now obviously the Colts golden shoulder. It’s unquestionable that the organization’s short, and long term viability depend on it.