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Stampede Blue Community Wagers Competition: Week 10 Colts vs Steelers

I am going to be more brief than usual this week so I can get this up as soon as possible. I was having some issues with the site the last two days and was unable to log in. In typical fashion, I try this morning and I’m already logged in...?

Anyway, last week the Colts were able to pull off an exciting victory and a new winner was crowned. Easttexascoltsfan was able to get 4 out of the 5 wagers correct with no need for a tie-breaker. Let’s recap last week’s action.

Wager 1: Total interceptions by the Colt’s defense. The over/under was set at .5. The Colts failed to get an interception last week. UNDER

Wager 2: Total rushing touchdowns by both teams. The over/under was set at 1.5. Neither team had a rushing touchdown. UNDER

Wager 3: What team has more passing yards? Jacoby Brissett ended up with 308 yards to Tom Savage’s 219. COLTS

Wager 4: Total Colts turnovers. The over/under was set at 1.5. The Colts only had one turnover, a Brissett fumble. UNDER

Wager 5: Will the Colts outscore the Texans in the 2nd half? The Colts scored 10 points while the Texans only scored 7. Yes

Total attendance was 71,709. Even though it didn’t really matter, weeks 8 and 9 winner, carlcoltsfan, had an impressive guess at the attendance tie-breaker and was only off by 9 (71700). Easttexascoltsfan is now entered into the drawing at the end of the season.

Here are this week’s wagers.

  • Total points given up by the Colts? Over 28.5/Under 28.5
  • Total receiving touchdowns by both teams? Over 3.5/Under 3.5
  • What team has more penalty yards? Colts/Steelers
  • Total sacks by the Steeler defense? Over 2.5/Under 2.5
  • Will the Colts outscore the Steelers in the 4th quarter? Yes/No

Tie-Breaker: Official Game Attendance (closest without going over).

Please use this example as the format to wager: Over. Under. Colts. Under. Yes. 62,250.

Good luck and happy betting.