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Colts Cast: Examining Colts Medical Staff, Andrew Luck’s Process, Concussion Protocol With Will Carroll

Will Carroll (@InjuryExpert) joins Matt Danely to take a dive into how the Colts handled Andrew Luck, his return and how the NFL can improve their sideline testing for concussions

With all of the buzz surrounding the Indianapolis Colts, and how they handled the Andrew Luck injury situation, his return, what the team did to pull one over on their fans — depending on your opinion of that — Will Carroll (@injuryexpert) has joined me to talk about it all.

We look into exactly how the Colts have been disrespecting their fan base, and it’s not by “lying” to sell season tickets or otherwise. Additionally, we discuss how Jacoby Brissett’s (and even Luck’s from two years ago) concussion situation was handled with the sideline test, to suffering symptoms post game and how that happens.

Will feels that he and his company have an objective way to get the sideline tests to be more effective, to be more reliable and trusted, and they’re working on it currently. With Luck’s return from shoulder surgery being the hottest topic of nearly every day for the entire offseason and up until he was placed on IR, I wanted to know the ins and outs of the situation and what his trip to Europe really means.

Additional topics discussed are: how important a change in team medical/training staff could be, will Chris Ballard take a lesson from his former team on how to handle situations like Luck’s in the future? — and with success stories such as Drew Brees out there, how will Luck’s final return pan out?

We talk about all of this and so much more that you simply can’t get the full affect of the conversation without listening to it. I thank Will for his time, and whether you are walking your dog, driving your car or simply sitting at home this one is more than worth your time to give a listen.

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